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Healthy Cents Fund

NEK Prosper created the Healthy Cents Fund to promote upstream investments to improve health.

This prevention and wellness fund will provide money for innovative projects that have positive social, economic, or environmental impact. The projects must contribute to healthy and thriving communities by addressing social determinants and prevention opportunities; accelerate the work of NEK Prosper, and move us closer to our 5 outcome areas.

The Healthy Cents Fund has been awarded for 2020-2022

Collaborative Action Network: Financially Secure
Lead Agency: Umbrella, Inc.
Strategy: To create a community designed hub in St. Johnsbury that connects community members to opportunities to build social and financial capital in a supportive and inclusive environment with the overall aim to increase financial security.


  • Engage the community to create the service hub and social enterprise
  • Create hub pilot in St. Johnsbury
  • Create a pilot social enterprise
  • Develop a robust evaluation plan for the hub and social enterprise project

Where does the money come from?

Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital receives a capitated payment from OneCareVT, the statewide Accountable Care Organization (ACO), for delivering healthcare to Medicaid beneficiaries. NVRH has committed to investing 1% of those payments in the Healthy Cents Fund.

Graphic Illustrating how the Healthy Cents Fund works.