AUGUST IS BLACK BUSINESS MONTH – a time to acknowledge and appreciate black-owned businesses across the nation and all that they represent in the country’s continual striving for diversity and equality. 


Ratios matter – A study shows that median wealth held by White to Black families is 10:1.

Unemployment – Historically, twice as many Black have been unemployed than White people.

Wage disparity affects generations – There is a greater likelihood that Black children will live in poverty as compared to White children.

Homeownership – Only 42% of Black families own their homes, as compared to 73% of White families.

School to prison trajectory – African-Americans are six times more likely to be incarcerated than their White counterparts.

Visit our friends at The Vermont Professionals of Color Network to find Black businesses in your community

NEK Prosper! envisions a community where everyone is: 

Financially Secure

Mentally Healthy

Physically Healthy

Well Housed

Well Nourished

Our work to achieve each outcome is done by our Collaborative Action Networks (CANs).
CANs are groups of cross-sector practitioners and individuals who organize around one of the NEK Prosper! community level outcomes, develop and implement action plans to achieve the outcome, and use continuous improvement processes to measure their impact and improve their strategies over time.

NEK Prosper! recognizes and acknowledges the Nulhegan Band of the Coosuk Abenaki Nation as the traditional stewards of this land we occupy.  We acknowledge, appreciate and honor the indigenous people who have been living on, working on and caring for the land from time immemorial.

We recognize that colonialism, racism and the oppression of Native peoples is an ongoing process.  We commit to building our awareness of our present participation.