Earning enough money to support yourself and your family, and not worrying about money.

Areas of Focus include: increase average household income, employee retention, employment rate and  length of employment, training and education for employees.

Measures and Indicators:

The Financially Secure CAN is trying to turn the curve on household income in our region.


Everyone in Cal-Essex Counties is financially secure by 2020

% of Vermonters living below the Federal Poverty Level from 2011–2015

  • Actual Value 12.5% 12.5%
  • Target Value ?% ?%

Story Behind the Curve

As income increases or decreases, so does health. Income shapes choices about housing, education, child care, food, medical care and more. Income also supports healthy lifestyle choices. Income can provide accumulated assets and savings to help cushion in times of economic stress..


Employers, Chambers of Commerce, Economic Development, Financial Institutions, Education Institutions

What Works?

Improve educational outcomes; increase income and employment; build family and social support (County Health Rankings and Roadmaps; What Works? September 2018)

Financially Secure Pilot Program

Piloting at Northeastern Vermont Region Hospital, this program aims to build a well-rounded workforce through personalized soft skills development, workforce retention, resiliency training and other valuable lessons that enable individuals to better work through all of challenges one can experience. Individuals completing this program open themselves to new opportunities for growth in the work place and in their respective career.

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Tools and Resources:

The Financially Secure CAN is trying to turn the curve on cost burdened households in our region.

  • Financially Secure Pilot Program

How to Get Involved:

CAN members have strong expertise, influence, interest and/or resources in area of focus.

The Financially Secure CAN meets on the third Friday of each month.

Currently Financially Secure CAN members include representatives from:

  • Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital

  • Rural Edge

  • Umbrella


  • Northern Counties Health Care

  • Department of Labor

  • Northern Vermont University

  • Green Mountain United Way

  • For profit employers

If you are interested in joining the CAN or want to learn more about our work contact Tawnya at tkristen@gmunitedway.org

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