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All people in the NEK feel safe, experience wellness and connection, as well as have equitable agency and access to resources.

Measures and Indicators:

The Financially Secure CAN is trying to turn the curve on financial security in our region.


Everyone in Cal-Essex Counties is financially secure.

% of Vermonters living below the Federal Poverty Level

  • Actual Value Caledonia County 12.6% 12.6%
  • Actual Value Essex County 14.7% 14.7%
  • Actual Value Orleans County 10.6% 10.6%
  • Target Value 9.0% 9.0%

% of  Single moms living below the Federal Poverty Level

  • Actual Value Caledonia County 33.3% 33.3%
  • Actual Value Essex County 18.3% 18.3%
  • Actual Value Orleans County 26.4% 26.4%
  • Target Value 10.6% 10.6%

% of Children in poverty

  • Actual Value Caledonia County 15% 15%
  • Actual Value Essex County 18% 18%
  • Actual Value Orleans County 17% 17%
  • Target Value 10% 10%

Current Strategy

EMPath Economic Mobility Mentoring (YouTube video)

FIN CAN EMPath Strategy Library Page

How to Get Involved

CAN members have strong expertise, influence, interest and/or resources in area of focus. Currently Financially Secure CAN (FIN CAN) members include representatives from:

  • Community
  • Green Mountain United Way
  • NEK Collaborative
  • Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital
  • Northeast Kingdom Community Action (NEKCA)
  • Northeast Kingdom Human Service (NKHS)
  • Northeast Kingdom Learning Services (NEKLS)
  • Northeast Kingdom Organizing (NEKO)
  • Northern Counties Health Care
  • St. Johnsbury Academy
  • The St. Johnsbury Community Hub
  • Umbrella
  • VT Agency of Human Services
  • VT Department of Labor

If you are interested in joining the CAN or want to learn more about our work contact Annie Christoni at

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