NEK Prosperity Fund

Stay tuned for more information about this capital loan fund coming in 2022 for small business owners in the NEK. 

The NEK Prosperity Fund is a project of NEK Prosper, Northeast Kingdom Community Action (NEKCA), and Northern Community Investment Corporation (NCIC).  We created the NEK Prosperity Fund to organize and focus investment on equity and population health. The loan fund, administered by NCIC, will redistribute capital to qualified entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations to grow in the Northeast Kingdom.  Loan recipients will receive enhanced business support services from financial and business counselors from NEKCA.

The Fund includes an Advisory Committee to ensure funds advance the mission of NEK Prosper and provide a “social return on investment”.  For this project, health is measured by five indicators: “Mentally Healthy, Well-Housed, Financially Secure, Well-Nourished, Physically Healthy.”

Investing for Good in the NEK


Investing for Good

How we measure our impact on community health and well-being

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Who we fund and how to apply:

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