The Physically Healthy Collaborative Action Network (CAN) of NEK Prosper! is committed to maintaining physical health & well-being through healthy behaviors & medical care.

The Energize 365 Community-Wide Campaign to Promote Physical Activity is a strategy of the Physically Healthy CAN.

Community-wide campaigns are large-scale, multicomponent campaigns that deliver messages by using media such as radio, newspaper, and social media. These campaigns differ from media campaigns in that they also include other on-the-ground components, such as support and self-help groups; physical activity counseling; risk factor screening and education at work sites, schools, and community health fairs; and community events.  They also include policy and environmental changes, such as opening school facilities to public use and creating walking trails.

There is evidence that community-wide campaigns can increase participant knowledge about physical activity and improve participant intention to be physically active, as well as create social support and social networks that provide long-term supportive relationships for behavior change.

Measures and Indicators:

The Physically Healthy CAN is trying to turn the curve on physical activity in our region.


Everyone in Cal-Essex Counties is physically healthy by 2023

% of adults with no leisure time for aerobic activity

  • Actual Value 23% 23%
  • Target Value 15% 15%

% of adults meeting aerobic activity guidelines

  • Actual Value 52% 52%
  • Target Value 65% 65%

Story Behind the Curve

Being physically active is one of the most important things adults can do to improve their health. Regular physical activity can reduce the burden of chronic disease, such as heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers, and can prevent early death. Physical activity can also help people with chronic conditions manage their disease, as well as help manage weight, prevent falls, reduce depression, and may improve cognitive skills. The CDC recommends 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic activity each week. Adults tend to spend long hours sitting at work or home in front of “screens”. Additionally, the rural nature of Vermont has inadequate “active living” infrastructure.


Vermont Department of Health and Transportation. Local fitness facilities and recreation departments. Regional Planning Commissions. Local government.

Get Active with Energize 365

Energize Expedition!  Click here to learn more.

Photo of the Month: Each month we feature a photo in the Caledonian Record of people in our community having fun being active.  Send us an email with the photo (in digital format), names of any people in the photo, and the location of the photo.

Worksite Toolkits:  Our toolkit features 12 specially curated “minute to win it” games designed for any busy worksite to promote team building, fun, and well being.

Smoothie Bikes:  Looking for a fun way to add activity and good nutrition to your next school, church, worksite, or community event?  Borrow – free of charge – one or both of our smoothie bikes and enjoy the ride!

Pop Ups in the Parks:  Due to COVID19 the Pop Ups are on hold for summer 2020.  In summer 2019 we offered Zumba, yoga, Pilates, and TaiChi.  Look for these and more in summer 2021!

Join Us!

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Tools and Resources:

The Physically Healthy CAN is trying to turn the curve on physical activity in our region.

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How to Get Involved:

Borrow a Smoothie Bike, submit a photo for the Photo of the Month,  download a copy of our Worksite Toolkit, or join one of our seasonal activities like Pop Ups in the Park.

Submit an active event for our event calendar so that others in the NEK can easily find fun and active things to do.

Or join our Collaborative Action Network.

CAN members have strong expertise, influence, interest and/or resources in area of focus.

Currently Physically Healthy CAN Members include representatives from:

  • Home Health
  • Healthcare
  • Towns of St. Johnsbury and Lyndon
  • Vermont Department of Health
  • Council on Aging
  • Lyndon Outing Club
  • Local Fitness Providers

If you are interested in joining the CAN or want to learn more about our work contact Jen Grant at or Jesse Dimick at