NEK Prosper! has a mission and shared goal of improving the health and well-being of the people in Caledonia and southern Essex Counties by integrating our efforts and services, with an emphasis on reducing poverty in our region.

NEK Prosper! operates under the framework of an accountable health community, employs the principles of collective impact, and uses Results Based Accountability™ to measure our progress.

What is an accountable health community?

An accountable health community is an aspirational model accountable for the health and well-being of the entire population in its defined geographic area and not limited to a defined group of patients. We understand that health outcomes are the product of multiple contributors of health:

  • medical care
  • public health
  • genetics
  • behaviors
  • social factors
  • economic circumstances
  • environmental factors

Ecosystem of Partnerships

Leadership Team/Steering Committee

As a Collective Impact initiative Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital acts as our backbone organization with staffing support from Northern Counties Health Care.

Our members include school districts, youth services, economic development and regional planning agencies, banks/financial organizations, arts and the creative economy, NEK Collaborative, USDA, NAMI VT, town government leaders, community restorative justice, VT Department of Health, Vermont Department of Human Services, OneCareVT and other individuals and agencies