NEK Prosper! operates under the framework of an accountable health community, employs the principles of Collective Impact, and uses Results Based Accountability™ to measure our progress.

Collective impact is a network of community members, organizations, and institutions who advance equity by learning together, aligning, and integrating their actions to achieve population and systems level change

Mission, Vision, Values/Commitments

Mission: Improving the health and well-being of the people of Caledonia and Southern Essex Counties by integrating our efforts and services with an emphasis on reducing poverty in our region.

Vision: Our population will be Well-Housed, Well-Nourished, Physically Healthy, Mentally Healthy, Financially Secure.

Values/Commitments: To achieve these outcomes, we commit to engage in a Collective Impact effort, knowing that no one agency or organization acting alone can achieve our mission. We understand that addressing the full scope of inter-related social determinants is the only way our outcomes can be realized. As we meet and work together, we fully commit to the following. We shall:

  • Share our collective resources, data, staff, and efforts to the maximum extent possible as a means of expanding our capacity, while maintaining our individual organizations’ viability;
  • Engage community members in our collective efforts, giving them equal status and shared responsibility in determining what and how services and programs are provided (suggested addition: We believe in having community voice front and center);
  • Encourage “outside the box” thinking with respect for all opinions by promoting an open and trusting environment that welcomes discussion and debate;
  • Seek to address issues related to creating safe communities and families as part of the strategies we develop for each of our outcomes;
  • Trust and treat each other as equal partners, knowing that ideas and effort are not dependent on the size of one’s organization or resources;
  • Engage in “disruptive innovation” without being judgmental and without fear of failure or being judged;
  • Strive for consensus in what we propose to achieve, but if this is not possible, allow the majority to proceed;
  • Attend and participate in NEK Prosper! monthly meetings in order to stay informed and contribute to achieving success; and
  • Strive for maximum flexibility from our funders, donors, and regulators to more efficiently and effectively coordinate our services and programs.

Watch this video about tackling complex social issues through collective impact.

What is an accountable health community?

An accountable health community is an aspirational model accountable for the health and well-being of the entire population in its defined geographic area and not limited to a defined group of patients. We understand that health outcomes are the product of multiple contributors of health:

  • medical care
  • public health
  • genetics
  • behaviors
  • social factors
  • economic circumstances
  • environmental factors

Ecosystem of Partnerships

Graphic illustrating the ecosystem of community partners.

Our members include family, friends and neighbors, partners from the Hub, school districts, youth services, economic development and regional planning agencies, banks/financial organizations, arts and the creative economy, NEK Collaborative, USDA, NAMI VT, town government leaders, community restorative justice, OneCare VT and other individuals and agencies. 

Leadership Team

As a Collective Impact initiative, Northern Counties Health Care and Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital act as our backbone organizations, with the following leaders stewarding the work:

Collaborative Action Networks

Our work to achieve each outcome is done by our Collaborative Action Networks (CANs).  CANs are groups of cross-sector practitioners and individuals who organize around one of the NEK Prosper! community level outcomes, develop and implement action plans to achieve the outcome, and use continuous improvement processes to measure their impact and improve their strategies over time.

Kari White (she/her), Northern Counties Health Care’s Director of Community Health Equity supports the work of NEK Prosper!  E-mail her at or give her a call:  802.274.2344

We welcome and want your voice.  Get involved.