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Accountable Health Communities

An Accountable Health Community is an aspirational model accountable for the health and well-being of the entire population in its defined geographic area and not limited to a defined group of patients.

Visit The Prevention Institute – It is a reliable source for more information about Accountable Health Communities.

Collective Impact

Collective impact is a model to bring people together in a structured way, to achieve social change. The Collective Impact Forum  is a reliable source for more information about Collective Impact.


Actor Mapping: A Hands on Tutorial

Results Based Accountability

The Results Based Accountability™ (RBA)  process provides a step-by-step process to get results.  RBA defines both population level (a measure of whether we have achieved our outcome goals for the defined population) and performance level (measure of how well a program or service is working) measures.  RBA uses a common sense approaches to gather data; simple things like community surveys with just a few questions or a show of hands at a meeting.  RBA starts by asking the simple questions:

  • How much are we doing?
  • How well are we doing it?
  • Is anyone better off?

Data and Statistics