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Being Well Nourished

The Well Nourished Collaborative Action Network (CAN) of NEK Prosper! is enhancing health in our region through encouraging increased fruit and vegetable consumption.

Are you an organization or group working to improve access to healthy food options in the NEK?
Do you want to:

  • Expand your services
  • Add community voices to your decision-making
  • Increase your funding options
  • Better understand your organizations’ benefit to the community

The Well-Nourished Consulting Team can help.

Food Hero Logo

Food Hero, a strategy of the Well Nourished CAN, is a multi-channel social marketing campaign.

This multi-channel social marketing campaign is designed to change family and community behaviors that ultimately lead to individuals’ increased fruit and vegetable consumption. By engaging parents (and others) with fast, fun, and tasty recipes and food-planning tips that highlight fruits and vegetables, we’re working to ensure this generation, and the next, in the Northeast Kingdom are well nourished. The campaign includes both direct education level work as well as work at the policy, systems, and environment levels.

Developed at Oregon State University, Food Hero was originally designed to increase fruit and vegetable consumption among low-income Oregonians but components of the campaign have been used widely in other states and countries. Research shows that Food Hero’s clearly focused messages, use of plain language, positive and realistic messaging, and simple tools for action have led to this strategy’s success. Click here to visit the Food Hero website.

Well Nourished

The numbers below show the difference between the actual and targeted percentages in several categories and groups as they relate to being well nourished.

% of adolescents (grades 9–12) eating 2 or more fruits daily

  • Actual Value 31% 31%
  • Target Value 40% 40%

% of adolescents (grades 9–12) eating 3 or more vegetables daily

  • Actual Value 18% 18%
  • Target Value 20% 20%

Story Behind the Curve

Eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables is associated with decreased risk of obesity and chronic disease. Best practices indicate that consuming the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables is beneficial. At every meal, half of the plate should be filled with fruits and vegetables. Children who eat fruits and vegetables are more likely to continue to eat healthy as adults.

% of adults eating 2 or more fruits daily in 2018

  • Actual Value 32% 32%
  • Target Value 45% 45%

% of adults eating 3 or more vegetables daily in 2018

  • Actual Value 20% 20%
  • Target Value 35% 35%

Join Us!

Check out these upcoming events dealing with being well-nourished.

Tools and Resources:

The Well Nourished CAN is trying to turn the curve to increase consumption of fruits and vegetables in our region.

How to Get Involved:

CAN members have strong expertise, influence, interest and/or resources in area of focus.

Currently Well Nourished CAN members include representatives from:

  • Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital
  • Salvation Farms
  • NEK Community Action and Head Start
  • VT Department of Health
  • NEK Council on Aging
  • Community members

If you are interested in joining the CAN or want to learn more about our work contact Heather Lindstrom at

Gallery Images from the Well Nourished CAN