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Decades of research has proven that stressful events that happen in our early years of development affect us in ways that last our entire lives.  Research also shows that children who develop resilience are able to weather life’s storms.  Resilience isn’t something we’re born with – we develop it through safe, connected relationships with caring and competent caregivers.



Reducing the effects of significant adversity on children’s healthy development is essential to the progress and prosperity of any society. Science tells us that some children develop resilience, or the ability to overcome serious hardship, while others do not. 


One way to understand the development of resilience is to visualize a balance scale or seesaw. Protective experiences and coping skills on one side counterbalance significant adversity on the other. Resilience is evident when a child’s health and development tips toward positive outcomes — even when a heavy load of factors is stacked on the negative outcome side.