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Hello all,

Thank you to those who came out on 11/17 for our second presentation on NKHS’s Front Porch Crisis Care+ Model.  We had 71 folks who attended and we appreciated the comments, feedback and input that arose and appreciated everyone’s time. As a follow up to the presentation we had asked for ongoing support and advocacy, which will be needed to make sure this ends up in the Governor’s budget. If you did not attend we have attached our presentation and overview document for your review and would ask for your support as well.

What is Front Porch Crisis Care+?  A specialized, community-based, mental health treatment facility and programing, specifically for individuals experiencing suicidal ideation or in a mental health crisis in the Northeast Kingdom.  This facility will provide a more person-centered and therapeutic setting for stabilization, interventions, treatment and referrals for follow up care. This program would fill a substantial gap in the current continuum of care and alleviate the strain on other community partners like our hospitals, emergency responders and law enforcement.

What is the ask?  We are asking for your support and advocacy to ensure this ends up in the Governor’s budget by sending an electronic letter to the Governor or by submitting a pre-printed, postage paid postcard as described below.

*Please note that advocacy/lobbying should be done as a community member:  outside of work time and using your PERSONAL address and e-mail address.

Contact the Governor

  1. Electronically – Click the below link to electronically submit your comments.
    • Complete all the required fields with your name and personal address.
    • For *Is this message related to a COVID-19 Subject?   Choose NO.
    • For Message Subject, choose Human Services.
    • In the message copy the following text and paste it into that box.

Dear Governor Scott,

We are happy to hear the mental health treatment facility for the Northeast Kingdom has been prioritized for funding this legislative cycle. The Kingdom needs additional support to serve our community members in a mental health crisis. This treatment facility, ‘known as the NEK Barrett Project’, will fill a substantial gap in care and alleviate the strain on our hospitals, emergency responders, and law enforcement. This facility will have an immediate positive effect on our most vulnerable community members. We’re encouraged by this news and urge your action in bringing this center to fruition.

Thank you.

2. Advocacy Postcards Pre-printed, postage paid postcards are available at both Northeast Kingdom Human Services offices in the front lobby:

  • St. Johnsbury Office – 2225 Portland Road, St. Johnsbury, VT 05819
  • Derby/Newport Office -181 Crawford Farm Rd, Newport, VT 05855

Postcards can be requested (including in bulk) from Erica Perkins, NKHS Director of Communications and Community Engagement by calling (802)748-6350 ext.1174 or e-mailing

All you need to do is print your name and the town you live in at the bottom, underneath the “Thank you” and pop in the mail.

Why is this important?  Advocacy letters/postcards show government officials how important an issue is to their constitutions and heighten awareness of something that might otherwise get lost in the shuffle. The budget process is currently underway and reaching the Governor with our messages for support is paramount to getting this much-needed project going. 

We are excited about the potential and grateful for your support. We know how needed this program is for our community and that it can make a real difference in the NEK and state. We also know that it will take our entire community to see this thing through. It is inspiring and energizing to know there are so many committed people in the NEK that want to see this project through.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, feedback, concerns or input as it is important to us that there is robust community input.

Kelsey Stavseth (Pronouns: he/him What does this mean?)

Executive Director, Northeast Kingdom Human Services, Inc.

(802)748-6350 ext.1265 /