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      The NEK Collaborative and NEKO will hold variety of initiatives to complement the existing work of the Working Communities Challenge, which is based on reducing generational poverty through increases in social capital, community engagement, and access to health and other resources. Our project is driven by relationships and our goal is to build leadership in these communities that will then build a movement of other engaged community members working towards equitable, community-driven solutions.

      Questions? Contact Jennifer Carlo at

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      NEKO is looking for a Bookkeeper and Part-Time Grassroots Organizers to support the project.

      Visit for more about the Bookkeeper position.

      See for the Grassroots Organizer job description and info on how to apply.

      Funding transparency: The Northeast Kingdom Collaborative, St. J Hub/Umbrella, and NEKO wrote and were awarded a Vibrant ONE grant.

      Notes on the application process and job itself:
      • As a standard, we tried to make this application process as flexible and friendly as possible. And the job itself, too. Feel free to provide feedback on your experience applying and let us know if there are other ways we can grow.
      • We tried to get as much info as I could about potential impacts on disability and benefits cliffs ahead of designing these jobs. Basically, the hours are really flexible and we don’t want anyone to come out worse off because of taking one of these positions. If you’re concerned about losing housing, food, health etc. you’d have to personally call the state, describe your unique situation, and check out how the position might affect you.

      Questions? Contact Meghan Wayland at

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