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The YAC (Youth Advisory Council) was a youth-led group focused on supporting youth in the community and building youth leadership. Despite not operating for several years now, the YAC has been brought back, and now we need YOUth! Here’s what you need to do:

Check this video out:  

YAC is back!

Engage – Support – Empower – Celebrate – Repeat

Several local organizations have come together to revive this once powerful group of youth. The YAC (Youth Advisory Council) is meant to be a group of Youth leading themselves in engaging and meaningful community building. The YAC Steering Committee is a group of representatives from various community organizations committed to empowering youth to take leadership in building the type of community they want.

Our Vision

Caledonia and Southern Essex youth and young adults in grades 7-12 (including youth in alternative schooling and those of similar age not currently enrolled in school):

  • are assets in their community,
  • have a leading role in shaping the present and future of our communities,
  • and see a thriving future for themselves in their community of choice.

By empowering youth and helping them have basic skills and opportunities; a sense of safety, structure, belonging and membership; self-worth and valuable opportunities to contribute; independence and control over own lives; a sense that they are competent and able to do something with their lives; and solid and supportive relationships, youth are seen as assets by their communities.